Uus püsivara HT50X/GXW40XX seadmetele

Grandstreami adapteritele ja analooglüüsidele ilmus uus püsivara

Muutused eelmise versiooniga ( võrreldes:


  • Fixed Broadsoft Interop: device returns 500 Internal Error to MWI NOTIFY
  • Fixed Total Souce – Allworx call park issue
  • Fixed HTTP GET request uses HTTP 1.1 causing XML provisioning fail
  • Fixed device does not include MAC address in UA in HTTP GET for boot file
  • Fixed device does not parse the SDP included in 181 message
  • Fixed device does not reply to INVITE with Diversion header
  • Fixed device does not send the RTP to the port specified in 183 message
  • Fixed BH Telecom: Incoming T.38/Pass-through fax does not work with some fax machines.
  • Fixed operator transfer issue
  • Fixed auto call back issue


  • Added UPnP client support
  • Added configurable option to enable/disable TR-111

Püsivara ja versiooniinfo on alla laetav aadressilt http://www.grandstream.com/support/firmware